Sing a Song of Stars - Tall Vessel by Dan Baptista & Alicia Schubert

Sing a Song of Stars - Tall Vessel  2014

Dan Baptista & Alicia Schubert

Clay, underglaze paint,glaze

Height - 11.5cm, Diameter - 6.5cm at top, 8.5cm at middle and 4.5cm at base

Sing A Song of Stars - Tall Stoneware Vessel


This tall vessel has a simple elegant shape with a smooth feel and comforting weight to hold. We seek to create functional art that captures the imagination, charms and disarms though being delightful.  












This vessel has been hand thrown on the wheel by Dan Baptista and hand painted and decorated using sgraffito by Alicia Schubert. The vessel has been glazed and fired to stoneware, so it is food safe and can be put in the microwave or dishwasher. It is a unique piece and made with love.


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